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Eye Exams

Identify Problems Early with Comprehensive Eye Exams

To maintain your visual health, Dr. Richard Gordon and Dr. Sonia Belliappa perform comprehensive eye exams at their Pomona, NY, practice. Not only do eye exams check if a patient needs glasses or contacts, they can detect visual problems such as lazy eye or color blindness, eye diseases like glaucoma, and even more systemic health issues, such as high blood pressure. Consequently, maintaining a regular eye exam schedule plays an essential role in prevention and early detection.

Types of Diagnostic Tests

The diagnostic tests you undergo will be based on your eye and visual concerns, and how regularly you visit us. Each test measures a different aspect of vision or visual health. In general, the test types can be split into two groups:


  • Visual acuity test: During this exam, patients stand at several set distances to read numbers and letters from a chart. The results from this test indicate your ability to see at near and far distances, and can alert us to potential nearsightedness, farsightedness, or astigmatism.
  • Cover test: To test how well your eyes work together, we will cover one of your eyes at a time and ask you to focus on both near and distant objects. This test can uncover issues such as lazy eye or crossed eyes, which can lead to stunted development in one eye or cause eye strain and headaches.
  • Eye movement test: This test examines how well a patient’s eyes can follow a moving object and how quickly they can accurately switch focus between two separate targets. Issues with movement often affect a patient’s ability to read or see well during sports. During the test, we will ask you to follow the movement of a handheld light or other object.
  • Depth perception test: A person’s depth perception is important in understanding the three-dimensional nature of objects. Problems with depth perception can misjudge distances. There are different tests available to measure depth perception difficulties, but a common test involves using 3D glasses to identify the closest object in a series of projected patterns.


  • Slit lamp test: During this exam, we will use a special type of microscope to look at the anatomical structures of your eye, including the eyelid, iris, cornea, lens, and retina. This helps us identify a wide range of conditions or diseases, including cataracts, macular degeneration, keratoconus, and diabetic retinopathy.
  • Glaucoma test: This test measures the internal pressure of the eye by releasing a small puff of air against your open eye while you focus on a light. This can help determine if a patient is at risk for glaucoma, a disease in which pressure builds in the eye and damages vision.
  • Pupil dilation: Using dilating eye drops, we can significantly enlarge your pupils, allowing a better view of the eye’s internal structures. While very important in identifying potential eye disease, the eye drops leave patients sensitive to light and unable to focus on close objects for several hours afterward. Consequently, patients are usually advised to bring sunglasses and ask a friend or family member to drive them home.

Depending on your specific complaints, Dr. Gordon and Dr. Belliappa may include other tests in your exam. If necessary, they can measure your eyeglass prescription, as well as identify color blindness, peripheral vision issues, and other concerns. Based on your results, we may recommend corrective eyewear, vitamins, surgery, certain medical treatments, or a follow-up examination.

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Dr. Gordon and Dr. Belliappa are committed to gentle, personalized care at every stage of treatment, and will take your personal needs very serious. Contact us today to set up your comprehensive eye exam.

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