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Kamra Inlay

Advanced Presbyopia Treatment

If you are able to see clearly at a distance but struggle to read the newspaper or a text message on your phone, you may have presbyopia, or age-related farsightedness. Our doctors can place a KAMRA™ Inlay corneal implant to provide near vision correction at our Hudson Valley, NY, office. In just a 20-minute procedure, patients 45 to 60 years old can reduce their dependency on reading glasses by receiving a corneal implant smaller than a contact lens.

What is the KAMRA™ Inlay?

The KAMRA™ Inlay is the first and only FDA-approved corneal implant used to correct farsightedness in adults between the ages of 45 and 60. It is used to reduce or eliminate dependency on reading glasses for everyday tasks such as reading the newspaper, ingredients lists, or your emails. The implant is placed during a minor surgery that typically takes less than 20 minutes. The inlay itself is smaller than a soft contact lens and thinner than a piece of human hair. It is circular in shape with a very small opening in the middle, and is approximately 3.8 millimeters in diameter. The central opening of the inlay is positioned precisely over the pupil of the eye in order to create a “pinhole camera effect,” which only allows focused light into the eye. The inlay is implanted only on the non-dominant eye, which allows you to maintain good distance vision.

In just a 20-minute procedure, patients 45 to 60 years old can reduce their dependency on reading glasses by receiving a corneal implant smaller than a contact lens.

The KAMRA™ inlay is implanted within the stroma—the thicker, middle layer of cornea—which provides improved vision when compared to an onlay that is placed in the epithelium, or just under the corneal surface. The KAMRA™ Inlay enables the patient to achieve more predictable, longer-lasting results. The inlay can also be combined with LASIK surgery for the most comprehensive results.

Placing the KAMRA™ Inlay

Our doctors can place the KAMRA™ Inlay during a minor surgical procedure at his state-of-the-art surgical center. The procedure lasts less than 20 minutes, and you will be awake the entire time. Dr. Gordon will guide you to the operating room where you will lie on your back and stare at a light above your head. He will use anesthetic eye drops to ensure your comfort during the placement of the inlay. Dr. Gordon will use a laser to create a space within the stroma for the KAMRA™ Inlay, where he will gently place and center the device over your pupil.

Aftercare and Recovery

You can expect to see results within the first two days of your procedure, but the most dramatic results are not usually apparent until one to three months after your surgery. Most patients are able to resume their normal daily routine immediately following their surgery. You may experience some blurry or unclear vision in the first few months after your surgery, but this is normal and our doctors can provide eye drops to help improve these symptoms.

Start Seeing More Clearly Today

Living with blurry vision can dramatically affect your quality of life, but our doctors can help you achieve clearer vision in under 20 minutes. Contact our office to schedule a consultation to determine if you are a candidate for near vision correction using the KAMRA™ Inlay.

Want to know more about our Kamra Inlays? Are you ready to correct your vision? Feel free to call us at (845) 362-1450 or simply fill out this form and we’ll gladly answer your questions!

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