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Premium Cataract Surgery

Premium cataract surgery offers substantial benefits compared to standard cataract surgery.

While standard cataract surgery is extremely safe and effective, the laser technology used in premium cataract surgery allows for greater precision while minimizing post-operative healing time. The crowning touch is the replacement of the natural lenses of the eyes with premium intraocular lenses, or IOLs, which restore excellent vision at a range of distances and could even eliminate the need for glasses and contact lenses. The use of the revolutionary ORA™ system, which uses digital imaging to gauge the appropriate power of IOL needed before it is placed, helps to ensure the best possible results.

Drs. Richard Gordon and Sonia Belliappa are pleased to offer the option of premium cataract surgery at their Pomona, NY practice as it offers patients the opportunity not only to rid themselves of cataracts, but also to achieve better vision than they have had in years, if not decades. Although most insurance policies do not cover the additional costs associated with premium cataract surgery, we offer low- and even no-interest financing options to help make this extraordinary treatment accessible to patients on virtually any budget.

If you are struggling with cataracts and would like to see the world clearly once again, our skilled ophthalmologists can help. Please contact Ramapo Ophthalmology Associates today to schedule your initial consultation.

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Premium Diagnostics

Before moving ahead with premium cataract surgery, we will use advanced diagnostic tools to make certain that you are not experiencing glaucoma or other issues affecting the retina or cornea. These conditions can raise the risk of complications associated with cataract surgery, so it is important to conduct a screening to determine whether this procedure is right for you.

The Premium Cataract Surgery Procedure

Before the procedure, anesthesia will be administered so that you will remain comfortable and relaxed throughout the procedure. Next, the surgeon will use a femtosecond laser to create an incision in the cornea, the dome-shaped front surface of the eye. Your surgeon will then use a laser to segment the crystalline lens into several small pieces. A special suction instrument will be used to remove these lens fragments. To complete the surgery, your surgeon will replace the lens with an IOL.

Premium Lenses

Insurance typically covers standard standard monofocal IOLs. These restore focus at one distance, but usually require the patient to wear glasses to focus at other distances. However, patients can choose multifocal IOLs that provide focus at a range of distances, and can minimize the need for corrective eyewear. We offer Crystalens®, AcrySof® ReSTOR, and Tecnis® multifocal lenses, as well as AcrySof®, Tecnis®, and Trulign™ toric IOLs to address astigmatism. Our doctors will help you choose the best type of IOL for your goals and budget, and the ORA™ system will help us determine which lens power you require.

Learn More about Premium Cataract Surgery

We incorporate the safest and most advanced technology in our comprehensive vision care services. If you are ready to live free of cataracts, we can help you understand how this technology can benefit you, and help you make an informed decision regarding your treatment. Contact our office today to learn more about cataract surgery, or to schedule a consultation with one of our doctors.

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